St Leonards woman assaulted police officer and damaged window

A local woman has been sentenced for damaging a window and assaulting a police officer according to a court document,

Monday, 23rd September 2019, 7:00 am
Generic prison pics COURTS Girls 10
Generic prison pics COURTS Girls 10

Emily Brown, 28, of Blackman Avenue, St Leonards, was found guilty of causing £430 damage to a window. The offence took place at St Leonards on September 5.

She indicated a plea of guilty to assaulting a police officer at St Leonards on August 25 and to being in possession of a quantity of cannabis on the same date.

The offences took place while a community order was in place for earlier offences of being drunk on a highway while having the charge of a child under seven year, assaulting a police officer and being in possession of cannabis.

The court made a community order with an alcohol treatment requirement. Magistrates issued a restraining order. She was ordered to pay £50 in compensation and £275 in prosecution costs.