St Leonards man jailed for 20 years after rapes

Warren Manderson Image courtesy of Sussex Police
Warren Manderson Image courtesy of Sussex Police

A St Leonards man is this week starting a 20-year prison sentence for a series of seven rapes and other attacks on a woman.

Police today (April 22) revealed Warren Manderson, 51, was sentenced at Lewes Crown Court on Thursday (April 16), having been convicted by a unanimous jury verdict of seven rapes, an attempted rape, false imprisonment, actual bodily harm and two common assaults.

Sentencing, Judge Scott-Gall said he had been ‘convicted on the most compelling evidence’.

He described Manderson, of Terrace Road, St Leonards, as a ‘conceited, nasty violent bully’.

He characterised his actions as: “Dreadful, grotesque, violent degradation, horrible cowardly things to do, consistent with the man that you have become.

“You have shown not a flicker of remorse and are a deceitful, vicious, violent liar.”

Police were called to unemployed Manderson’s flat in October last year after he went out, locking the woman, who was in very distressed state, inside.

As police arrived and were forcing the door open Manderson re-appeared outside, made to confront the officers, and was immediately arrested.

Detective Constable Naomi Morrison said; “The victim was very brave first in disclosing to us this terrible sequence of events and then giving the evidence against Manderson over several hours in court.

“We were able to reassure and support her throughout this process, ensuring that she was allowed to consider special measures whilst giving her evidence in court.

“However her bravery extended not only to giving evidence live in the court room, but without the additional benefit of screening between her and the defendant, stating that she wanted to regain control.

“This sentence again shows that victims can come and talk to the police in confidence, knowing that their experiences will be taken very seriously and fully investigated.”

The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, said; “I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all those around me who have supported me through one of the most difficult times of my life.

“I am overjoyed to have gotten the justice that so many are afraid to fight for, but would like to assure all those women and men out there who are in or have been in a similar situation that it is never too late and that Sussex Police have supported me thoroughly throughout this whole event.

“There were times I felt I wanted to give up but it was the support of my family and friends that kept me going and for this I am forever grateful.”