Spurned lover went berserk

A SPURNED lover went berserk after returning home and finding the mother of his child in bed with another man with the their three-year-old son in the same room.

Martin Delaney, 38, had returned home after being questioned by police over an earlier assault on his partner.

Delaney, of Cambridge Road, appeared for sentencing at Hastings Magistrates Court last week after being convicted, in a trial, on November 9, of three counts of assault by beating.

Mark Kateley, prosecuting, said: “This happened last summer. He was in a relationship with Tracy Standen with whom he has a three-year-old son.

“The relationship broke down and he accused her of seeing another man. He pushed her against a door and she injured her lower back on the door handle.

“He was taken in for questioning by the police but no charges were made at that time.

Miss Standen was in bed with her new boyfriend Kevin at 11pm when Delaney burst in. He hit Kevin on the head with his fist then punched Tracy in the chest after Kevin left. She suffers from a heart condition.

“He was apologetic the following morning,” said Mr

“He told police that he was acting in self-defence as Kevin was trying to hit him while he was holding his son.

“He said he thrust his arm backward into Tracy to force her to let him go as she was holding him.

Sue Lenier, defending, said: “This relationship lasted for seven years and he returns home to find her in bed with another man who he does not know.

“This does not excuse what happened next but it does explain it.

“She has an alcohol problem and he has been caring for her for some time. He gave her the kiss of life in 2008 when she collapsed due to alcohol.

“Seeing his partner in bed with another man, with his son in the room, made him snap.

“He is not someone who is likely to get into trouble again.”

Magistrates sentenced Delaney to six months in prison suspended for a year. They also ordered him to complete 60 hours of unpaid work and to complete a supervision order.

They issued an order banning him from contacting Tracy Standen, expect through a family solicitor to arrange access to his son.

He was also ordered not to go to Bulverhythe Road.