Slab thrown through window ‘could have killed’

Volunteers Sara Tiwari, Phil Stevens and Jaime Mullane with one of the pieces of masonry
Volunteers Sara Tiwari, Phil Stevens and Jaime Mullane with one of the pieces of masonry

YOBS hurled two pieces of paving slab through the roof of a busy charity store on the seafront with one just missing a mother pushing a pram by inches.

The first piece of masonry was sent flying through the roof of the British Heart Foundation shop in White Rock at midday on Saturday, February 25.

The missile just missed a mother with a pram who was shopping inside at the time.

A second rock was hurled through the roof around 5.30pm on Sunday, February 26, just after staff had locked up for the day.

Store bosses face a bill of up to £10,000 to repair the damage and protect the shop from any other missiles coming through the roof.

Assistant manager Stacey Hill said somebody could have been killed in one of the attacks.

Police are now investigating the matter and are studying how the rocks could have been thrown into the building, which is several stories high.

The building backs onto a path up to Prospect Place at the rear, which is the direction the missiles were thrown from.

The shop sells furniture, white goods and household electrical items and is popular with customers.

Mr Hill said: “It really is incredible how stupid some people can be.

“If these rocks had landed on somebody’s head they could have been seriously injured or even killed.

“The first one landed just inches from a woman with her baby in a pram.

“We think they took these slabs off stone walls round the back near Clambers and just tossed them through the roof as a joke. Once is bad enough but twice in a weekend is just beyond belief.

“I hope these mindless idiots are caught quickly before they strike again.”

PC Debbie Heneke, of the Castle Ward Neighbourhood Police Team, said: “This is a very dangerous act which could have had serious consequences due to the debris flying into the charity shop in the late afternoon.

“One piece of concrete slab landed feet away from a member of the public, had they been hit this would have caused serious injury or even death.

“Police have spoken to residents in Prospect Place to make them aware this is happening and I appeal to the public if they have any information relating to this incident to call police directly or the charity Crimestoppers.”