Rule of six: we asked Hastings if they would report neighbours to police, and this is how they voted

We asked the people of Hastings if they would report their neighbours to police for breaching coronavirus rules, and this is how they voted.

Thursday, 24th September 2020, 9:49 am

In recent weeks, prominent politicians including Home Secretary Priti Patel and policing minister Kit Malthouse both said they would call the police on neighbours who had broken the rule of six in their homes.

In a snap poll on the Hastings Observer Facebook page, we asked people to vote yes or no. In a decisive result, 67% of voters said they would not report their neighbours to police, against 19% saying they would and 14% saying neither yes or no.

It also created a lot of discussion.

Sussex Police

Maureen Gladson said: “If the Government can flout the rules and get away with it, why should we alienate friends and neighbours? A little common sense is needed here and act responsibly.”

John Gordon added: “Two rules: keep the noise down and don’t interfere with my sleep, no reason to report other than that.”

Trevor Irving said: “What’s the point, they would soon be overwhelmed and not able to cope, another useless exercise.”

Dave Weeks added: “I think the police might have other priorities.”

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