‘Rock thrown at my van could have killed me...’

Emma Waghorne with the piece of masonry that was thrown at her van
Emma Waghorne with the piece of masonry that was thrown at her van

A BUSINESSWOMAN fears she could have died after a rock landed on her van while she was driving.

Emma Waghorne, a contract cleaner, was on the way to Battle to a job last Wednesday (December 28) at around 8.40pm when the missile struck the van roof.

She believes it was deliberately thrown by yobs from the Queensway bridge as she drove along Battle Road, St Leonards.

She said: “I could have seriously been injured or killed. I was more angry and shaken up than scared because the van is new and cost £23,000. The rock was a massive thing, about the size of a tennis ball. I was lucky it didn’t hit the windscreen.

“I was driving from St Leonards to Battle where my next job was when it happened.”

The rock left two big dents in the roof of the van, a VW Transporter.

Miss Waghorne, of Terminus Avenue, Collington, near Bexhill, turned back towards to bridge to see if she could find any culprits but was unsuccessful. She rang her boyfriend, Lee Richards, to tell him what happened.

Mr Richards said: “The rock was definitely thrown deliberately, we believe. You can tell by the way it landed, as it left two big dents in the van roof. If it had gone through the windscreen things could have been a lot more serious. It could have easily been a brick.”

The couple reported the matter to police. PC Duncan Cleverley, of Hastings Police, said police could not say whether last Wednesday’s incident was deliberate or not, but he confirmed the rock did come from the bridge. No arrests have, as yet, been made.