Refugee admits possession of cocaine wraps

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A REFUGEE who fled to the UK from Iran and became a drug addict was arrested over a condom stuffed full of hard drugs after going out to buy one more hit.

Ali Parvaneh, 47, of Cambridge Gardens, admitted possessing 13 wraps of crack cocaine and 15 wraps of barbiturates when he appeared at Hastings Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Simon Allan, prosecuting, said police officers conducting an early morning patrol in Alexandra Park back in September saw Parvaneh get up and throw something away when they approached a group of men. It turned out to be a condom full of the wraps and he was arrested.

“He told police he had brought in this quantity because it was cheaper to do so and because of that he was charged with possession,” Mr Allan said.

John Kelly, defending, said Parvaneh – who was accompanied by an interpreter during the hearing – came to the UK in 1999 as a political refugee and was given indefinite leave to stay here in 2002.

His wife and three children joined him but his marriage fell apart and Parvaneh, a carpenter, was made redundant.

He said: “He had never taken drugs when he was in Iran but was feeling particularly distressed and his friend introduced him to heroin and cocaine.

“There is no doubt the drug use contributed to the break-up of his marriage and he accepts drugs have ruined his life in this country. This was meant to be one last purchase before he completely gave up.”

Parvaneh has no previous convictions and has already taken steps to tackle his drug problem, the court heard.

“He wants to get free of drugs, get a job and get back with his wife and family. Under his own steam he is making a real effort to stop his drug habit,” Mr Kelly added.

Parvaneh was give a six-month community order and ordered to undergo treatment for drug addition.