Ram raiders get away with just £5 charity cash

The scene of the ram raid
The scene of the ram raid

THIEVES left a trail of destruction after driving into the front doors of a tourist attraction - just to steal £5.

Three men used a Range Rover to plough into Blue Reef Acquarium in Rock-a-Nore Road just before 4am on Tuesday, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage, in order to take a charity box.

Kate Buss, marketing co-ordinator for the attraction, said the box, which collected cash for the RNLI, was shaped like a lifeboat and had only been emptied late last week.

She said: “There would only have been anything from £5 to £10 in there but to steal a charity box is pretty low and is quite a horrible thing to do.

“We don’t know what the cost of the damage is, as our insurers have yet to tell us but it’s expected to be thousands of pounds.

“The front doors were badly damaged, as well as the glass which was pretty thick. There was even one pane on the floor that had come out of the door.”

Thankfully the security alarm system went off and “spooked” the thieves before they quickly made off, she added.

The area around Rock-a-Nore and The Stade has seen several acts of vandalism in recent weeks.

Last month, the Jerwood Gallery was attacked by vandals when several of the black ceramic tiles outside the new development were smashed in what were believed to be three separate incidents.

Security at the site has since been stepped up.

PC Duncan Cleverley, of Hastings Police, said the three men in the Range Rover, which was dark blue or black, were all wearing hooded tops, one of which was yellow, during Tuesday’s ram raid.

Police are appealing for witnesses. If anyone has any information they should call Sussex Police on 0845 60 70 999.