Racist attackers sentenced

TWO young women who launched a racist attack against a kebab shop worker during a drunken night out were sentenced last week.

Zayna Moon, 22, of Waterside Close, and 19-year-old Alexandra Richards, of Rye Road, subjected Cuma Yalcin to a tirade of abuse at the Mount Pleasant Grill in Mount Pleasant Road on November 5. They both admitted racially aggravated assault at a court hearing on Tuesday, January 18. Moon pleaded guilty to an additional charge of assaulting a police officer.

At Monday’s hearing, Peter Bolwell, prosecuting, said both Moon and Richards became abusive shortly after entering the shop. Richards got onto the counter and spat at Mr Yalcin. Moon threw a jar of pickled eggs. They were both asked to leave but became abusive again, shouting racist slurs.

Police were called and Moon spat at a policeman before the pair were arrested.

Monn and Richards appeared in the dock on Monday to be sentenced.

Samantha Wingfield, defending Moon, said: “She had gone out for the evening and accepts she was extremely drunk. She is not racist in any way, in fact most of her family are Libyan. She can’t remember much and is very sorry for her behaviour.”

Mark Glendenning, defending Richards, said: “She saw the CCTV footage and was clearly embarrassed and ashamed by her behaviour.”

Moon and Richards were both given an 15-month community order and must pay £100 compensation. Moon was also given a five-month curfew order and Richards must do 120 hours of unpaid work.