Public toilets torched in daylight

Councillor Paul Barlow and Prospective Councillor Judy Rogers outside Failaise toilets after a fire
Councillor Paul Barlow and Prospective Councillor Judy Rogers outside Failaise toilets after a fire

ARSONISTS set fire to a public toilet block at a coach park in broad daylight causing thousands of pounds of damage.

The fire broke out inside the facility in Falaise Road less than two years after it underwent a £100,000 refurbishment as part of as the relocation of the coach park.

One of the new modular units in the mens’ toilet was severely damaged by the fire.

The blaze managed to melt the cubicles and floor and the intense heat warped the doors. The lighting and electrical circuits inside the unit were also damaged during the attack which took place around 4.20pm on Monday, February 27.

Council workers have cleaned the unit but the cost of the damage is still being estimated.

Castle ward councillor Paul Barlow said he would be investigating what happened and whether security can be stepped up in the area.

He said: “This is the height of selfishness and a real shame that somebody has done this. It is very unusual for it to happen in broad daylight.

“There are young people who hang about the area but we don’t know if they are to blame. The building is not overlooked so it would be quite easy for something untoward to happen and nobody notice.

“I will be speaking to the police neighbourhood liaison officer to see what can be done to improve security.

“It would be good to have CCTV here but I realise that there is little money available. We need more police on the beat around here but again we are up against general cutbacks.

“We have a lot of tourists from the coaches who use this facility especially in the summer months. We need to get it back up and running as soon as possible.”

Council spokesman Kevin Boorman said: “We are obviously very disappointed and angry, that public facilities have been damaged in this way. It makes it inconvenient in every respect as well as costing, ultimately, the taxpayer money to repair.”

Anyone with information can call police on 101.