Police warning over Chinese scam letter

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POLICE are warning residents across 1066 Country to be wary of a scam letter being sent to homes in the area.

The letter being sent to homes purports to be from a Chinese private investment manager.

It states that one of his clients has died after a tragic hiking accident leaving millions of dollars but no will has been has been made so a next of kin is needed.

The named recipient of the letter is the next of kin and the householder is asked to send an advance fee to release the inheritance.

A spokesman for Hastings Police said: “We urge people not to be fooled.

“The senders have addressed recipients by name to give themselves legitimacy.

“All that will happen is that the unfortunate person who replies will be asked to send an advance of cash to release the inheritance.

“Essentially this money will go into the scammers’ pocket and never be heard of again.

“There are lots of reports of cases of people being left thousands of pounds out of pocket due to exactly this type of scam. Don’t hand over your hard earned cash to a scammer.

“Check out the hoax-slayer.com website for more information or if you have received a letter like the one described report it to Fraud Watch International through their website fraudwatchinternational.com.”