Pet ban for woman who kept cats in squalor

A HEARTLESS woman who kept 15 cats in squalid conditions has been banned from keeping animals for seven years.

Sarah Taylor, 37, had already seen her home raided by RSPCA staff back in 2009 - with the charity removing 50 moggies from her Parkwood Road house.

Three or four cats were left behind because they could not be found amid the piles of faeces, over-flowing litter trays and general mess.

And Taylor appeared at Hastings Magistrates Court this week and pleaded guilty to breaching a six year ban previously imposed on her for causing unnecessary suffering to four kittens.

This number rose to 15 cats before this week’s hearing and as well as the extended ban, Taylor was also ordered to pay £12,500 costs and was fined £450.

She was originally banned from keeping animals for 10 years by Hastings magistrates in October 2009.

Then, in December last year, the ban was upheld by Lewes Crown Court, but reduced to six years after Taylor appealed.

The court heard this week how the RSPCA had found the home untidy, with cat faeces everywhere, including on the beds and on the window sills.

The litter trays were filthy and never cleaned out and it was difficult to walk around the home.

Experts also revealed that the kittens were suffering from severe flu symptoms and eye infections due to the conditions they were living in.

They were all taken from the property and are being nursed back to health.

RSPCA inspector David Grant said: “We hope this case will deter other people from keeping animals in such squalid conditions.

“It can cause terrible illness and chronic conditions in vulnerable animals.”