Mum is jailed after striking woman PC

A JOBLESS woman has been jailed after hitting a police officer in the knee as officers tried to arrest her.

Kylie Burton, 22, of Crowborough Road, was seen drunk and unsteady on her feet outside a nightclub in the town centre at 1.30am.

At a court hearing on Monday, Peter Bolwell, prosecuting, said: “She was being refused entry into one of the nighclubs because of her drunken state.

“The defendant became aggressive and struck one of the female police officers in the knee.

“There was no injury as such and the defendant expressed remorse at the police station during interview.

“She was quite apologetic and rather alarmed that she had been behaving like that. She told officers she had no recollection.”

Burton appeared in the dock before Hastings magistrates on Monday and pleaded guilty to one charge of assaulting a police officer.

The court heard she had been given a two-year suspended prison sentence in October 2009 after being convicted of actual bodily harm (ABH) and assaulting police.

She was also given a one-year conditional discharge last month for shoplifting.

Alison Pringle, defending, said: “This is a young woman with considerable difficulties.

“She has got very severe depression and on very strong anti-depressant tablets which are not completely compatible with alcohol.

“She shared two bottles of wine with a friend and remembers going into the town centre but after that has no recollection.

“The defendant is extremely remorseful and has been trying very hard to change the course of her life, as she has a two-year-old son.

“She has found it very hard to find employment and recently had bad news from her doctor and is going to have a brain scan.”

Magistrates jailed Burton for eight weeks.