Man spread faeces in police cell protest

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AN arrested man vandalised a police cell by spreading his own faeces across the walls.

Gary Mills, 48, of Upper Maze Hill, St Leonards, carried out the mucky protest so he could be allowed to have a shower.

At a court hearing on Monday, June 13, Jeremy King, prosecuting, said Mills was in custody at Hastings Police Station because he damaged his former employer’s car on April 28 amid a dispute about him losing his job.

He said Mills lost his temper with his ex-boss in Pevensey Road as she drove along and kicked her car door twice before punching and smashing one of the windows, causing more than £970 worth of damage.

Mr King said Mills had been dismissed from his job in July last year which led to the dispute with his ex-employer.

After he was arrested and placed in custody, Mills tore up a blanket in the police cell, causing £80 worth of damage.

Mr King added: “The next day when police came to check on the defendant they were hit by the smell of human excrement. It was smeared over his body and on the wall.

“A specialist cleaning team took more than three hours to clean the cell and £300 worth of damage was caused.”

Mills pleaded guilty to three counts of criminal damage when he appeared in the dock in front of Hastings magistrates on Monday.

Representing himself, he said his former employer had already been warned to stay away from him by police amid their dispute.

He said: “She came over at the allotment to say she needed to speak to me. I left and she followed me in her car.

“In the police cell I was punched by one of the officers and I have made a complaint.

“They also sprayed me with mace and were laughing at me. I wanted a shower but was left for hours so the only way to get one was to cover myself in excrement.”

Magistrates gave Mills a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered him to pay £100 compensation to Sussex Police.