Man caught with stolen cable

A FATHER was spotted carrying stolen electrical cabling. Duane Price, 24, of Woodland Vale Road, St Leonards, was stopped by police in Gensing Road just after midnight on May 21.

At a court hearing on Monday, Peter Bolwell, prosecuting, said Price was with another man when police detained him. The cabling had been taken from the former Hastings College building site in Archery Road, earmarked for development.

Police officers also found a small amount of cannabis in Price’s possession while they searched him.

He pleaded guilty to theft by finding and possessing the Class B drug.

Ronan Crummy, defending, said: “It seems that someone had already removed the cable and carted it 500 metres and that’s where he found the cabling.

“The drugs were of a minute quantity and there was not even enough cannabis to use in a cigarette.”

Magistrates gave Price a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered £40 court costs.