Man bound over after argument

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A DRUNK man has been bound over to keep the peace after a heated row with his partner.

Simon Graham, 37, was arrested last month by police in Devonshire Road in the afternoon following complaints.

At a court hearing on Monday, October 31, Mark Kateley, prosecuting, said: “Both the defendant and the victim appeared to be drunk.

“Police told him to leave the premises but he refused to leave saying he wanted some money, despite the fact that he was not welcome there.

“Police then warned him again and he ended up being removed.

“He started struggling and tried to get back into the flat but fell over and injured himself.”

Graham agreed that he had breached the peace.

Antony Stannard, defending, said: “He was in custody from Friday until Monday so he has had an element of punishment of some sort for his wrong-doing.

“The victim concerned is his on off partner.”

Magistrates bound Graham, who lives in Chatham, Kent, over for 12 months in the sum of £100.