Jobless man caught stealing car exhaust

Colin Wray
Colin Wray

AN unemployed man stole car parts from parked vehicles at a St Leonards firm.

Colin Wray, 37, was spotted dragging an exhaust system from a Ford Transit van along Menzies Road early on Sunday at around 2.45am.

Police arrested him on suspicion of tampering with a number of commercial vehicles at Hendy Hire after they arrived on scene following a tip-off.

The unemployed man, who lives in Cold Harbour Lane, Elsford, Kent, could not give a justifiable reason for being there.

Wray was taken to Hastings police station while further enquiries were made, and police found that exhausts had been removed from several vehicles at Hendy Hire.

Officers interviewed him the following morning and later charged Wray with four counts of vehicle interference, each charge relating a separate Ford vehicle at the hire company.

Wray pleaded guilty to all of the charges when he appeared before Hastings magistrates in court on Monday. He was given a 12-month community order in which he must do 120 hours of unpaid work.