Jail term for a pebble pusher

Bryan Rosewell
Bryan Rosewell
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A CROOK who sold undercover police officers “drugs” which turned out to be a packet of brick dust and a pebble has been jailed.

Bryan Rosewell, 37, of Marina, St Leonards, offered to sell heroin and cocaine to two different plain-clothed policemen twice in two days in January last year. But when they were examined, two of the wraps turned out to contain brick dust and the third was a pebble. Rosewell was charged with three counts of offering to supply class A drugs after he was arrested in a large anti-drugs operation just before Christmas.

Sentencing Rosewell at Lewes Crown Court on Friday, recorder Anthony Abell took into account that he had not supplied any actual drugs to the officers, but said that he was preying on desperate drug users. He sentenced Rosewell to eight months in prison for offering to supply heroin and an extra four months for offering to supply cocaine.

PC Duncan Cleverley, of Hastings Police, welcomed the court’s decision. He said: “It’s important to stress that Rosewell was offering to sell class A drugs. He was also taking advantage of vulnerable people by selling them what turned out after tests to be brick dust.

“A custodial sentence was entirely appropriate in this case,” he added.