Husband reported his drink-driving wife after collision

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A HUSBAND reported his wife to police after she crashed her car into a parked Mercedes then drove off following a drinking session in the Havelock pub.

Janet Osborne, 56, of West Hill Road, was not breathalysed by the police until hours after the collision on November 18 last year.

The mother-of-five had initially pleaded not guilty due to a dispute over the estimated alcohol reading.

But she changed her plea to guilty when she appeared at Hastings Magistrates Court recently.

Her involvement in the accident only came to light when police were called to a domestic incident at Ellerslie Road later the same night, explained prosecutor Mark Kateley.

He said: “It was 6pm when the Peugeot car she was driving hit a parked Mercedes near to the junction of Pevensey Road and Brittany Road.

“Police were called to a domestic incident later that night and her husband told police that his wife had hit the car.

“She was arrested and admitted she had driven.

“She was intoxicated and was extremely mad about an argument that she had had. She is of previous good character.”

Ros Crook, defending, said: “She is 56 and has never been in trouble before.

“She was not breathalysed until 3.30am the next morning and the reading was 86mg.

“She had been drinking at home since the accident. She now accepts an estimated reading of 56mg. (the legal limit is 35mg).

“She had gone to The Havelock, where she drank some Guinness, and had an argument with her partner and wanted to go home.

“She does not know why she did not stop after the accident.

“But she was suffering from concussion at the time.

“She is extremely ashamed for the way she behaved and says it was totally out of character.”

Magistrates banned Osborne for 16 months and fined her £140. They imposed no separate penalty for failing to stop.