Husband plagued ex-wife with calls

A JEALOUS husband bombarded his ex-wife with 50 phone calls a day after she started dating someone else.

Robert Bingham, 41, of Ivyhouse Lane, saw red when he found out she was in a new relationship following the collapse of their marriage.

He left abusive messages on her answerphone and even posted a letter through her letterbox at her Westfield home.

Bingham pleaded guilty to harassment when he appeared before Hastings magistrates recently.

Mark Kateley, prosecuting, said Bingham’s marriage to his wife broke down in December 2009 and they separated five months later.

He said: “The defendant remonstrated with her, saying he wanted her back and she refused his advances. She started seeing someone else in March and the defendant was not happy about this. The phone calls then started. At one point in May he was ringing 50 times a day and ended up being cautioned by police.

“But the calls carried on so much that between July 23 and August 1 the defendant rang 144 times. The bulk were in respect of him trying to get back with her and he became abusive towards her new partner. He was then arrested after admitting posting a letter through her letterbox.”

Nick Baskett, defending, said: “The relationship broke down and things came to a head in March this year when his wife became openly involved in another relationship.

“His concern was for the children and until that time (March) was having contact with them at weekends and two times a week. Contact was then stopped so matters began to escalate. He felt the children were not being allowed access to him.”

Magistrates adjourned the case until September 21 so pre-sentencing reports could be prepared.