Hastings woman attacked in Alexandra Park

A Hastings woman was left with a black eye, cuts and bruises after being assaulted by a stranger in Alexandra Park.

Friday, 12th June 2020, 9:20 am
Kay Early was attacked by a stranger in Alexandra Park

Kay Early, 33, was walking her dog in the park, between Harmers pond and Shoreden pond, at approximately 9pm on Wednesday (June 10) when she was approached by a man and repeatedly punched in the face.

Kay said she noticed the man when he was about 20 metres from her and that he was getting close every time her dog stopped. As she got to the path with the stream, heading towards the Upper Park Road entrance, the man was walking towards her.

As the man caught up with Kay, she said she moved to the side of the path to give him enough space to pass her and her dog until he was 'about half a step' behind her.

Kay Early was attacked by a stranger in Alexandra Park

Kay said she was about turn and ask him what was going on when the random stranger started attacking her.

She said: "The anger and rage on his contorted face was terrifying and his fists quickly followed. Punch after punch rained down on my face, head and neck.

"I got my hands up quickly and shouted and screamed and fought back. I fought back hard.

"He had managed to hit me before I knew what was happening and I was too dazed to run, I knew I couldn't outrun him. The blows and punches continued, the rage continued. I needed to get my face away from his fists so I dropped to the floor and started kicking him hard and fast in the gut and groin."

Kay said she tried unsuccessfully to get the attention of passing cyclists and joggers, before three women on the same path started running towards them and screaming at the man to stop.

During this time, Kay said her attacker had pulled off her trainers and was attempting to punch her face.

As the three women got closer, her attacker pushed past them and sprinted away from the scene, along with Kay's dog lead but none of her other possessions.

Kay thanked the three women who ran to her aid: "The three women were amazing, my saviours. I don't know you, I was too messed up to ask your names but I thank you so much. From the bottom of my heart.

"You ran head first into danger to save me, to chase him off. Not knowing if he had a weapon, not knowing if you would be next. Thank you ladies, thank you for saving me.

"I want to say it to your faces, to thank you properly. it would be lovely to see you again.

"These three incredible women sat with me on the floor, whilst I phoned 999. They made me feel safe, as we headed to the entrance of the park to meet the police they walked round me in such a protective way. One woman even went with officers to drive round looking for the man while the others helped give evidence."

Kay, who said her attacker picked the 'wrong woman to jump', was taken to hospital for a CT scan which came back clear.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: "Police are investigating a report of a woman being robbed in Alexandra Park, Hastings at 9pm on Wednesday (10 June).

"A 36-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of robbery and remains in custody for questioning.

"Anyone who witnessed what happened is urged to report online or call 101, quoting serial 1319 of 11/06."