Hastings charity hit by ‘opportunist thieves’

A Hastings charity has lost more than £100-worth of plants and decorative pots after an alleged break-in.

Wednesday, 1st May 2019, 3:51 pm
Updated Wednesday, 1st May 2019, 3:58 pm

The plants were stolen from the Alexandra Park Greenhouse charity, in Alexandra Park, Hastings, some time between Sunday and Tuesday morning.

Linda Pearson, the charity’s chairman, said volunteers were ‘dismayed’ to discover plants which had been donated by the community had been stolen.

She added: “A good selection of plants and decorative pots valued at over £100 in sales have been taken by thieves.

Baskets of plants have been stolen from the Alexandra Park Greenhouse

“The opportunist thieves climbed over the perimeter fence, flattened a newly planted border and crushed branches of the hedge making their escape.

“This incident is really disappointing and has made the group dispirited at what should be an uplifting time of year.”

The plants were being prepared for The May Queen plant sale planned for May 12 in the park which, according to Linda, involved much volunteer time and effort.

The traditional crowning of the May Queen takes place at 2pm at the bandstand following a procession.

There will also be a garland making competition, the history of garland making can be traced back to medieval times and was introduced to educate children about the importance of the seasons.

Linda added: “The volunteers are sad that such mean spirited people planned this organised theft.

“The plants are very modestly priced. Sales going towards the restoration of the greenhouse, which will be become a community space for everyone to share.

“The greenhouse will be open on Saturday morning (May 4) as usual so please bring any plant donations you can spare to replenish the stolen stock.

“It is to be hoped that those taking the risk to steal the plants enjoy them, however it really would have been better to join the volunteers group, learn how to grow plants from seed and benefit from the results honestly.”

Linda said the incident would be reported to Sussex Police.

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