Fine for teenager who stole stepfather’s gun following row

A TEENAGER stole her stepfather’s gun to ‘get back at him’.

Alexandra Richards, 19, of Brendon Rise, took the gun after an argument with him, magistrates heard on Monday. Mark Kateley, prosecuting, said: “There have been a few family problems between the stepfather, Barry Richards, and the defendant. He moved back into the family home in Rye Road to support his wife due to problems with her daughter.

“The defendant was at the address on November 24 and her stepfather expressed concern over an issue to her.”

Richards later left and her stepfather later discovered that his gas gun, a weapon operated by compressed air, was missing.

Richards was found at a friend’s house and the gun was recovered. Mr Kateley said: “The defendant said she took it to get back at him.”

Richards pleaded guilty to one charge of theft when she appeared in the dock. Mark Glendenning, defending, said: “She had no intention of using the weapon and only intended to keep it for a period of time. It was clearly a stupid thing to do.”

Magistrates fined Richards £85 and a further £100 for breaching a 12-month conditional discharge. She was also ordered to pay £40 costs.