Duo admit race hate attack in kebab shop

TWO young women launched a racist attack against kebab shop staff after a night out turned nasty, a court heard this week.

Zayna Moon, 22, of Waterside Close, and Alexandra Richards, 19, of Brendon Rise, admitted racially aggravated assault when they appeared before Hastings Magistrates Court on Tuesday. Moon also pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer.

They were both part of a group which went into the Mount Pleasant Grill, Mount Pleasant Road, at about 11.30pm on Bonfire Night, November 5. Mark Kateley, prosecuting, said: “The two defendants started getting quite abusive, shouting and swearing at staff. They said things like ‘Why are you here?’ and ‘F*** off back to your own country.’

“Miss Richards got up on the counter and spat at a member of staff, before Miss Moon threw a jar of pickled eggs which thankfully caused no damage.”

The group was told to leave and the defendants became abusive again, asking one of the members of staff “Do you want a banana monkey?” The police were called and Moon spat at a policeman before they were arrested.

Mr Kateley both denied being racist when they were interviewed and were struggling to remember the exact details of the incident.

Both women are well-known to the courts with each having a string of previous convictions going back several years.

Samantha Wingfield, defending Moon, said: “She had gone out with some girlfriends and accepts she was very, very drunk. She had gone over the top with the alcohol but accepts that is no excuse. She is not racist in any way - in fact most of her family are Libyan and she has no issue with people living here wherever they come from. She is extremely apologetic and puts it down to alcohol.”

Mark Glendenning, defending Richards, said CCTV pictures showed the group were in “high spirits” when they first arrived. “Miss Richards started dancing on the counter and the tables and at that point one of the staff members pushes her away,” he said. “She apologises to the people in the kebab shop and she recognises she has the potential for a drink problem.”

The magistrates asked for pre-sentence reports to be prepared for both Moon and Richards, and bailed them to appear back at court on Monday.