Drunken reveller caught in possession of cocaine

A REVELLER caught with cocaine in his pockets during a search tried to run off after bouncers at Yates’s found the drug while he was in the toilets.

At a court hearing, Jeremy King, prosecuting, said David Pilkington, 32, was stopped by police outside the pub on a night out on July 3.

“He told police he had been drinking and must have bought the drug earlier but could not remember who from,” Mr King told Hastings magistrates. Pilkington pleaded guilty to possessing cocaine.

Ronan Crummy, defending, said: “It was a small amount of cocaine.

“He was so drunk and someone took advantage of him by selling him the drug.

“He doesn’t normally take drugs and had not taken any for seven to eight years and never taken cocaine before.”

Magistrates fined Pilkington, of Southcourt Avenue, Bexhill, £250 and ordered £85 costs.