Drunken reveller banged on police vans on way home

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A DRUNK reveller got into a heated argument with police as he tried to search for his friend.

David Tuppeney, 38, of St George’s Road, started banging on the doors of the police vans parked in Robertson Street at around 3am during a night out on May 29.

At a court hearing on Monday, June 13, Jeremy King, prosecuting, said Tuppeney was warned he would be arrested if he did not stop but he carried on.

He also refused to give his details, instead becoming more argumentative and shouting at police, who could tell he was drunk.

Tuppeney pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly when he appeared before Hastings magistrates.

Representing himself, he said: “I was at the Fluid nightclub and there were three police vans outside. One of my friends told me another friend had been arrested so I looked in all three vans. I only had my hands on the windows and was not banging them.

“I was drunk but I was heading home and was a bit more forceful with officers than I would have normally been.”

Magistrates gave Tuppeney a six-month conditional discharge and £50 costs.