Drunk teenager swore and spat at police on 18th birthday

A TEENAGER swore and spat at police officers while in a drunken stupor on his 18th birthday on Saturday.

James Tyrell, of London Road, St Leonards, became abusive as officers were dealing with a car crash late at night in the town centre.

At a court hearing on Monday, February 7, Mark Kateley, prosecuting, said police ordered Tyrell not to return to the area for three hours following his tirade of abuse but he returned later.

Mr Kateley said: “The defendant was outside Tintin’s in Robertson Street swearing at police.

“He was escorted away by them but started swinging out at them, trying to punch them a number of times. The defendant was brought to the ground but carried on being abusive before spitting at one of the officers.”

Tyrell appeared in the dock before Hastings magistrates on Monday and pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer and failing to comply with a police order.

Nick Baskett, defending, said: “It was his 18th birthday celebration which went terribly wrong.

“He had been out with friends and had far too much to drink, drinking a number of shots.

“He thought the exclusion order was for three hours so he returned to the town centre, thinking it was over. Things then got out of hand.

“Obviously this was a particularly unpleasant incident. No injury was caused.”

Magistrates adjourned sentencing until February 28.