Drink driving crackdown hailed as a success by police

POLICE were out on the roads last week to crack down on drink drivers.

Officers hit the streets as part of Sussex Police’s annual summer campaign to stop people getting behind the wheel after drinking too much alcohol.

On Friday night, 16 drivers were breathalysed, and although none proved to be over the legal limit, two tests showed that drivers had drunk some alcohol. Police also issued 11 fixed penalty notices for a range of other offences they spotted, including driving while using a mobile phone, driving without wearing a seatbelt and driving a vehicle that did not have a valid MOT. One car was seized for the driver having no insurance and a man was arrested on suspicion of possessing cannabis.

Sgt Simon Yates of Hastings Police said: “The operation was a great success - we are pleased not to have found anyone drink driving. These kinds of operations are intended to make the roads a safer place to drive and to raise awareness of the consequences of drink driving in Hastings.”

Similar operations are planned for the coming months.