Cracking down on dangerous mopeds

POLICE have hailed an operation to crack down on noisy, dangerous and anti-social mopeds as a ‘massive success.’

Earlier this month, 12 officers hit the streets to target people who had modified their mopeds to go faster than 30 miles per hour after residents across the town complained of moped riders flouting the laws and disturbing their neighbourhoods.

The police teams went out into the Old Town, St Helens, Baird and Conquest wards as well as Maze Hill in St Leonards, and they also set up a moped testing area in Priory Meadow.

And it was a fruitful evening for the officers on patrol, who issued 16 fixed penalty notices to riders - 11 of speeding, three for having no MOT and two for using mobile phones while driving. They also arrested and later charged a man for drink driving, seized one bike because the rider had no insurance and another because he had souped up his bike to reach a top speed of 43 miles per hour. Any bike modified to go more than 30 mph is classified as a motorbike and riders must have valid licences and proper insurance to ride them.

Sgt Simon Yates, who led the operation for Hastings Police, was pleased with the results and the message Operation Vortex sent out to moped riders across the town.

He said: “As part of the neighbourhood policing team I take a lot of interest in the panel meetings that take place across Hastings and St Leonards. Five of the panel meetings had reported that driving offences are a great concern to them - this is why I set up this operation to show residents we are listening to their concerns and taking positive action where we can.”

Sgt Yates also thanked the team at Priory Meadow and vowed the operations would continue.