Council stalwart nominated as Labour’s commissioner

Hastings Borough Councillor Godfrey Daniel
Hastings Borough Councillor Godfrey Daniel

LONGSTANDING councillor Godfrey Daniel has been selected as the Labour candidate for the role of Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex.

The 61-year-old will now face the electorate on November 15 along with the Conservative nomination for the county set to be announced next month.

Cllr Daniel’s selection was announced by the Labour party at the Charis Centre in Crawley earlier today attended by deputy chairman Tom Watson MP.

“I am relishing the challenge,” he said. “I will stand up and be counted and do my duty for this great county.”

Cllr Daniel polled 679 votes compared to 554 for Paul Richards the only other Labour candidate for the nomination.

He will now spend the next few months meeting party representatives across the county and canvassing the public for their support.

The role will be based at Lewes until the next election in four years time and will take responsibility for setting budgets and for hiring and firing the chief constable.

A father-of-two, Cllr Daniel, has represented his home ward of Braybrooke since 1994 and been a county councillor since 1997.

He has been a magistrate in Hastings since 1989 and sat on the Sussex Probation Board between 2001 and 2007.

Since 2009 Cllr Daniel has been a member of the Sussex Police Authority.

In Hastings he was mayor between 1998 and 2000 and is currently the chairman of the planning committee.

Although originally from Swansea, Cllr Daniel has spent more than half his adult life in Sussex and says he knows policing issues in this area.

He aims to focus his campaign on tackling anti-social behaviour, hate crime, domestic violence and neighbourhood policing.

Another priority is selling off Slaugham Manor, a police training centre near Crawley, which could raise several million pounds.

“I’ve got a very comprehensive background in the criminal justice area,” said Cllr Daniel. “And I’ve got support from a wide range of the community and not just here in Hastings.

“I’ve always managed to win elections in difficult circumstances.

“I want to make sure the victims of crime get a fairer deal and are kept in the picture and not just fobbed off with a crime number.

“I want to sell off the grade two listed Slaugham Manor. It is underused with only 20 per cent of rooms occupied at weekends.

“I want to make sure we are not just building up our reserves for no purpose. The General Reserve currently stands at five and a half per cent when the target is for 4 per cent. This money needs to be used to soften the worst of the Government’s cuts and not just put in the bank.

“I’ve always been interested in fighting crime and I relish the chance to take on that challenge and serve the good people of this county.”