Charity driver ‘hit in face by skateboarder’

Lennie Twyman
Lennie Twyman

A CHARITY volunteer was hit in the face by a skateboarder while at the wheel of a minibus.

Lennie Twyman, 58, was on his way back to Healy House, a residential home run by the Hastings and Rother Voluntary Association for the Blind, Upper Maze Hill, when the attack took place last Wednesday (July 27) at about 5pm.

When he stopped on Pevensey Road to give way to traffic, a teenager on a skateboard approached the vehicle.

Mr Twyman, of Alexandra Road, St Leonards, who also works as a handyman for the charity, said: “I had seen him skating on the road on the passenger side of the vehicle, and was making sure that I was well clear.

“I saw him get off his skateboard, come round to the driver’s side and he smashed his skateboard onto the door.

“When I told him not to do that, he punched me on the nose.”

The young attacker fled on his skateboard, leaving Mr Twyman with a bleeding nose.

In the bus with him at the time were two volunteers and a blind resident of Healy House.

“I was just concerned with getting the bus back safely, so I carried on as if nothing had happened,” he said.

“The two lady volunteers were absolutely shocked, they saw everything. It was completely out of the blue.”

Fiona Farrier-Twist, executive officer for the charity, praised Mr Twyman’s calm response to the unprovoked attack.

“He kept his cool and put the safety of his passengers first. A less confident driver may not have reacted in the same way,” she said. “I’m just sickened by the attack. The bus was bright yellow and clearly marked. They may as well have attacked an ambulance driver.

“I have been here eight years and have never had anything like it during that time.”

The skateboarder is described as white, about 19-years-old, 5ft 9ins tall with long light-coloured curly hair.

Police are investigating.