Cat stabbed in Glyne Gap area of Hastings and Bexhill

A cat has been stabbed in the Glyne Gap area recently.

Wednesday, 15th May 2019, 9:23 am
scales of justice
scales of justice

The black and white cat survived its ordeal, after suffering an injury to its side, but the owner was left with a vet’s bill of £350.

The man who owns the cat commented: “Someone is going around stabbing cats at the moment and I want to know who as well as to warn other pet owners.

“If I ever catch the person who is so twisted he wants to do this to a defenceless creature, his own mother won’t be able to recognise him.

“My cat is doing OK now, but pet owners beware.”

The incident follows a report of a cat found dead in Bexhill on Sunday May 5, which animal welfare group SNARL said had all the hallmarks of the UK animal killer, who has struck before in the South East.