Cash card cloning device found at supermarket

PC Darren Davey with the device found in Silverhill
PC Darren Davey with the device found in Silverhill

CASH-POINT users are being warned to be on their guard after a so-called skimming device was discovered in St Leonards.

The machine was found attached to a cashpoint at Asda in Silverhill, and officers are worried it may not be the only one installed in the town.

The devices are used by criminals to read the magnetic strip on credit and debit cards – the crooks can them come back later and pull off people’s bank details.

There is sometimes also a camera or a lookout used to try and spot people’s PIN numbers, and customers can have their cash cards cloned using the information.

The one found at Asda was grey and designed to look like part of the cash machine and residents have been advised to be extra careful when using a hole-in-the-wall to take out money.

They should also look out for any cameras or people loitering near the cash-point.

Anyone who sees anything can suspicious should call Sussex Police on 0845 6070999.