Cannabis farm discovered

Cannabis farm discovered at Eversfield Place
Cannabis farm discovered at Eversfield Place

A CANNABIS farm was discovered after strange smells were reported coming from the basement.

On Tuesday (July 3), the tenant of a ground floor flat in Eversfield Place, St Leonards, called police about smells coming from the basement flat.

Officers found around 200 grown cannabis plants in two rooms in the unoccupied flat, with hydroponic cultivating equipment.

Some of the plants had died and all appeared to have been there for some time.

Sergeant Robert Daniels said; “We always encourage residents, and tenants of flats in particular, to be alert for signs of cannabis growing activity and to let us know.

“Signs to look out for can include tampering with electrical meters (consider calling EDF), windows that have been blackened out, unusual comings and goings of people not recognised as neighbours, unusual odours coming through upper or lower floor boards, unusual high readings on electric meters, and constant extractor fan noises from upper or lower flats.”