Crime museum’s walk

The True Crime Museum is collaborating with local historian Malcolm Campbell on a crime walk to explore the darker side of Hastings’ past.

Starting on Sunday, December 21 at 4pm at The True Crime Museum at White Rock, visitors will first explore the 3,000 sq/ft of seafront caves that host a large collection of crime memorabilia in the UK, with a chilling insight into the world of serial killers, forensics, gangsters, prisoners, poisoners and more.

Then Malcolm will lead guests eastwards on an eerie journey into the midst of theOld Town, featuring centuries of criminal activity, from sites of punishments to local murders.

Joel Griggs, museum curator, said: “This will be a great opportunity for local residents to delve into the macabre and fascinating criminal history of Hastings. Malcolm is well-known for his popular ghost walks, so it’s been great having the chance to work with him on creating a local crime walk.” Tickets can be bought in advance from the True Crime Museum. Price £12.50 per person. Call 01424 420115 or email