Creative after-school club is big hit

A free after-school drop-in project called Maker's Den Maker's Den is proving to be the perfect place for primary kids in years 1-6 to explore, create and play.

Thursday, 24th May 2018, 9:18 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:45 am
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Filled with fun, music, games, art and creative experiments, the club is based at Holy Trinity Church in Robertson Street, Hastings, and runs 4-5pm on Thursdays during term-time.

Parents have welcomed the new club and enjoy chatting over a cuppa or dropping off their kids while they get out and about.

Local mum Kate Bramwell-Cole and her daughter Bowe explained why they are such big fans of Maker’s Den.

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Kate said: “I heard about the club from my niece who helps to run it and I am in a group of parents that take turns to drop off our children. There isn’t much arty stuff in school these days and I wanted my daughter to spend her time being creative.

“I run my own fashion business designing and selling womenswear, which is very challenging on a school day. The club enables me to finish my working day, and as a creative mum, I think it is very important for Bowe to develop her artistic side too.

She continues. “There’s a good mix of sitting down doing something productive with a bit of guidance, and running around in a big space, letting off steam. Everyone is very friendly and it’s all very safe. And anything that entertains Bowe whilst socialising and making new friends has to be good!

“The kids have done amazing stuff like a huge shared collage of Hastings seafront and futuristic paint effect planets. They use loads of inspiring materials like clay, paints, ink, glitter and real mini-canvasses and there’s whacky experiments like creating a luminous storm in a jar. Only this week, Bowe made me a gift - a fab necklace woven from rainbow wool and lovely glass beads.

Kate sums up: “There must be lots of children who would love to have fun after school and I would definitely recommend Maker’s Den. The club is for everyone but as a Christian, I do believe that creativity is a special gift from above that we should all nurture.”

Kate’s daughter Bowe commented: “I was very excited when I joined Maker’s Den as it’s much freer and really different to other clubs I’ve been to. We play with different techniques and I love splatting paint without worrying about the mess.”

She added: “I really enjoy the experiments like making a lava lamp and playing fun games such as tug of war and water balloon volleyball. I can really explore and nothing I make is ever wrong. The leaders are really kind and helpful, and I feel safe too.”

For details of what’s coming up each week and to view the Maker’s Den kids’ gallery visit:

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