Couple get engaged within two weeks after meeting for first time

Leigh-Ann Marshall and Tim Warner on their wedding day
Leigh-Ann Marshall and Tim Warner on their wedding day

THEY say it’s love at first sight, and in the case of Tim Warner and Leigh-Ann Marshall their personalities certainly ‘clicked’ instantly.

Within a fortnight of speaking with each other for the first time via the internet, the couple were engaged to wed.

Their whirlwind romance started last winter on social networking site Facebook.

Tim, who teaches motor mechanics at Sussex Coast College, said: “Both of us had been in relationships in the past that haven’t worked out and both Leigh-Ann had already been Facebook friends with each other for one-and-half years. He said he randomly added her as a friend on the site as both had mutual friends on Facebook.

Tim, of Hyde Avenue, St Leonards, said: “One night, fed up thinking I would never meet the right person, I was at my mum’s and turned on my computer. I went onto Facebook and Leigh-Ann’s picture popped up. I commented on it to her online as she had changed it.

“We ended up swapping phone numbers. This was all on the Friday and three days later we met in person for the first time at my place, chatting until 5am.”

Both Tim and Leigh-Ann discussed wanting to meet the right person without realising how they felt for each other.

But neither revealed their feelings, frightened they would scare each other away.

Nevertheless the couple’s relationship blossomed and Tim proposed to Leigh-Ann while on a night out in French’s Wine Bar.

Tim added: “I asked Leigh-Ann what she would say if I proposed to her and she said she would say yes. I had already bought the ring and I arranged for the manager to turn the music off, got down on one knee and proposed to her, holding the ring.

“Leigh-Ann was ecstatic and cried with happiness. On the night we got engaged it started snowing, which was quite romantic.”

The couple searched for venues to get married and finally tied the knot at the Cooden Beach Hotel..

He said: “The wedding cost us around £6,500, including the wedding dress. I sold one of my cars, as well as some of my jewellery. My mum and the rest of my family chipped in to help pay.”

The couple spent a week’s honeymoon on the Greek island of Kos and have made their home in St Leonards since their wedding on July 27.