Couple are joined together in pagan handfasting pact

Kevin Carlyon with Julie Gritt and Andy Bolt
Kevin Carlyon with Julie Gritt and Andy Bolt

A COUPLE from St Leonards marked this year’s Winter Solstice with a pagan wedding.

Andy Bolt, 50, who works at St Leonards Motors, and 46-year-old Julie Gritt, a care worker, met with the town’s white witch Kevin Carlyon on Saturday (December 21) so as to be joined together in a handfasting.

Mr Carlyon, of Dane Road, St Leonards, performed the ceremony at his home alongside Brighton-based priestess Natalie Welsh with well-wishers in attendance.

In paganism, and particularly in Wicca, ‘handfasting’ is a term used for a wedding ceremony.

The marriage vows taken may be for ‘a year and a day,’ ‘a lifetime’, ‘for all of eternity’ or ‘for as long as love shall last’.

Julie, of Markwick Terrace, said: “The ceremony was amazing and the atmosphere was great.

“My sister and a lot of our friends are pagans and they thought it was a good idea for Andy and I to have the ceremony. It binds you together.

“Kevin was excellent in what he did and Andy and I are over the moon with how it went.”