County council elections

2013 County Council candidates


Stuart Murphy, Labour

Stuart is a family man with five children and two grand children. He is dedicated to improving life chances for the most disadvantaged in Hastings. He currently works with homeless people. Stuart is vice chair of the Hastings & St Leonards Veterans Association and is one of the main organisers of Armed Forces Day.

Campaign issues: Fighting to protect public services and to ensure that no further services are taken away from the Conquest Hospital; fighting to attract new investment and new jobs for Hastings; well-maintained pavements and roads.

Peter Pragnell, Conservative

Peter is a civil servant and has represented Ashdown and Conquest on East Sussex County Council for the last four years. He is a passionate

supporter of Charlton Athletic and Hastings United. Peter is also a keen quizzer.

Issues: Parking and general traffic problems around the hospital; Saving green space; any inappropriate developments along The Ridge

Paul Burton, Liberal Democrat,

Paul has lived in the ward for four years. He is married with two children and works as a senior analyst for a company specialising in defence and security affairs.

Issues: Protecting core emergency health services; fighting waste; improving bus services across town

Doug Thorogood, UKIP

Doug is opposed to transferring any NHS services away from the conquest hospital and relocated to Eastbourne.

Issues: He will fight to restore any services taken away to be re instated; he wants to see the return of Matrons on the wards again; free parking at the Conquest


Michael Wincott, Labour

Michael lives in Ore with his wife Abigail and their two children, Connie and Ernie. He trained as a nurse in the NHS and has been looking after his children full-time since they were born. He is a Hastings borough councillor and a governor at Sandown Primary School. He runs the community

forum Ore Together.

Issues: Pavement renewal in Ore village with better pothole repair; improve support for local schools; deliver regular councillor reports

Liam Atkins, Conservative

Liam is 22 and an online marketing consultant. He lives in Ore and his family have lived in Hastings for three generations.

Issues: Make a difference to his area; ensuring public employment opportunities; ensure roads are maintained properly and potholes repaired


Kate Tudgay, Liberal Democrat

Kate has lived in Hastings for 15 years. Now retired, she formerly worked as an administrator in financial services and then in adult education.

She now volunteers her time supporting local residents. She took art studies at Hastings College and has a keen interest in arts, heritage, the

environment and current affairs.

Issues: Safeguard adult social care to reduce anxiety and hardship among the most vulnerable; reduce waste; reduce the amount spent on agency staff and consultants

Will Davis, Green

Will is a 48-year-old carpenter and father-of-two. He has been involved in many local education and community groups.

Issues: Supporting the decisions of local traders and residents concerning the future of the area over those of multi-national corporations and

central government bodies; utilizing local education centres in order to set up subsidized training schemes for residents of all ages; protecting

local parks and open spaces and establishing strong links with nearby nature organizations such as Mallydams and the country park rangers.

Paul Willard, UKIP

Paul was born and raised in Ore and educated through the local state school system going to Redlake and Hillcrest.

He is a governor at Redlake and now is bringing up his family in the area.

Issues: Bring down council tax and business rates; cut high paid council jobs with high executive pay; free parking in Hastings to bring back trade


Godfrey Daniel, Labour

Godfrey has been a county councillor for almost 16 years. He led the campaign to improve and expand Hastings Library.

He has also worked with local residents to achieve long-awaiting traffic calming measures in the area.

Issues: Work to ensure Hastings Library is a centre of excellence which will encourage literacy and learning for all;

Continue to push for improved roads and pavements; demand that utility companies do a better job resurfacing when they finish their work.

Matthew J Lock, Conservative

Matthew is a former Hastings borough councillor who lost his seat in May 2012. His main interest is as a Scout leader with a keen interest in outdoor pursuits.

Matthew’s hobbies include British history, strategic board and online games, cards and rugby.

Issues: Ensuring East Sussex has good quality schools; tackling speeding cars; getting potholes repaired promptly

Stewart Rayment, Liberal Democrat

A former councillor in Tower Hamlets, Stewart runs a small trade mark and patent consultancy in Hastings.

He chaired the Education Committee on Tower Hamlets council. Stewart has two children at Blacklands Schooland attends Christ Church, Blacklands.

Issues: Potholes; providing a strong voice on education; reducing parking charges in the centre of town

Maya Evans, Green

Maya is 33 and grew up on a council estate in East London.

She moved to St Leonards in 2003. She works locally as an arts administrator organizing theatre projects which provide opportunities and

promotes cohesion within the minority sectors of the community.

She became involved in politics after feeling compelled to speak out against Government policy relating to the war in Afghanistan.

Jay Lavender, UKIP

Jay Lavender is a reserve fire fighter:

Issues: Freezing council tax, freezing business rates


Trevor Webb, Labour

Trevor is one of the longest serving county councillors in the town. He plays an active role in organising the St Leonards Festival and the Gensing and Central St Leonards Forum. He is particularly interested in improving services for young people and has been a

passionate advocate for improving educational attainment in the area.

Issues: Working to protect the most vulnerable in the community; Fighting to maintain and improve local public services; the regeneration and improvements of his ward.

John Waterfall, Conservative

John is a retired civil servant. He is married with three adult daughters. John has lived in Hastings for 40 years.

Issues: Ensuring value for money; improving employment opportunities; continue improvements in schools

Maresa Bossano, Green

Maresa is 39 and have lived in Hastings for over 10 years, working for Hastings and Rother PCT for five years,

setting up and supporting a wide range of community food initiatives, including Hastings Farmers’ Market and the Community Fruit & Veg Project.

She also managed a national project to help communities set up food co-ops, and is now setting up a local, organic vegetarian cafe in Kings Rd.

Issues: Making housing more energy efficient,providing more opportunities for young people to gain marketable skills and ensuring children in schools and patients in hospital are given healthy, tasty food.

Graham Hopgood, Liberal Democrat

Hastings born and raised, Graham has lived in Gensing for six years. He has a seven-year-old son at school at St Paul’s School.

He works for a small charity working with some of the biggest employers in the City and schools across London to help young people from

disadvantaged areas access career opportunities.

Issues: ensuring that changes to education reflect the needs of local parents, children and teachers; building on investment to ensure regeneration is accelerated in areas like Kings Road and Silverhill; promoting a green, sustainable agenda for the town

Michael McIver, UKIP

Michael has lived in the in area for more than 20 years with his wife.

Issues: Priority to local people for housing, education, health and social services; local opinions on planning must be taken into account.

and feels the Council has a lot to answer for with a steady degradation of the pavements and roads and a Police presence is next to none.


Phil Scott, Labour

Phil was born in Hastings. He was raised in Hollington. Phil has been a county councillor for 12 years.

He works closely with residents associations and groups to improve the area.

Issues: Maintain and improve services for residents, especially for vulnerable groups like the young and elderly; press for transport infrastructure investment and improvements, like potholes and bus services

Nigel Barry, Conservative

Nigel is a former police officer and schools liaison officer. Nigel spent the last eight years of his service as the local beat bobby in Hollington and Wishing Tree. He is married with adult children. Nigel is actively involved in town twinning for the borough. He formerly played for Sussex Brass and is a toastmaster.

Issues: Lack of play space on Tile Barn Road; road humps in Marline Avenue; working closely with police on important neighbourhood issues

Vanessa Burton, Liberal Democrat

Ness has lived with her husband and two children in St Leonards for four years. She has just started commuting to London after previously working

locally part-time.

Issues: safeguard adult social care support for the elderly, disabled and vulnerable; supporting adult education and ensuring people are not disadvantaged by changes or cuts to services; fighting to deliver environmental safeguards and improvements associated with the Link Road

Ken Pankhurst, UKIP

Ken would like to see more investment to help build a more community fee.

Issues: Taxes to be reduced, local people should get priority on housing, schooling and nursing care lists; referendum on travellers and housing projects.


Kim Forward, Labour

Kim has 30 years experience of living, working and volunteering in St Leonards and Hastings. She was

incredibly proud to have recently served as your Mayor. Kim has taught at local primary schools and

has been on governing bodies of local schools.

Issues: campaign for a better bus service for residents along Bexhill Road; fight to ensure fairness and justness in the decision-making process at

county hall.

Rob Lee, Conservative

Rob works for a health management company and attended Birmingham University where he gained a degree in English literature and history.

Rob has been actively involved in Archery Ground Campaign and his interests are cooking, charity work and contemporary

and classic rock music.

Issues: Good quality education; monitoring and challenging inappropriate development; creation of more employment opportunities

Sue Tait, Liberal Democrat

Sue works in a family-run business in the town and is a former nurse. She volunteers her time with a charity helping to mentor teenage runaways

and is interested in all things environmental. She has lived in St Leonards for 11 years.

Issues: Safeguarding adult social care and increasing respite care to reduce anxiety and hardship among the most

vulnerable; fighting to deliver environmental safeguards and improvements associated with the Link Road and related developments; cutting spending

on consultants, external venue hire and internal publications

Sarah Evans, Green

Sarah works in social health care and have lived in St Leonards for six years. She is a member of Hastings Against War.

Issues: protecting the evironment and ensuring locall produced food and water supplies; fighting to ensure the future of Hastings Fishing Fleet could by the creation of the full 127 Marine Protected Zones recommended by Defra; fighting to make sure local business and residential premises can be fully utilised instead of the proposed developments around the Link Road.

Laurence Jary, UKIP

Issues: More grammar schools to be built; reduce tax; keeping NHS services local


JOhn Hodges, Labour

John was born in the ward. He is a trustee of Xtrax - the charity that seeks to support young

people and help them reach their full potential. John is also a local historian and a published author.

Issues: Bringing new employment to Hastings; ensure that services are best value; fight for a truly equal citizenship, where

every voice counts and where everyone matters.

Matthew Lock, Conserservative

Matthew has been the County Councillor in St Helens and Silverhill for the last 12 years. He is married with two adult children.

Issues: Monitoring the traffic flow from the new Link Road and ensuring no new developments until effects on traffic flow is known; ensuring residents get value for money, improving public transport

Paul Smith, Liberal Democrat

An accountant, father-of-four and grandfather of six, Paul has extensive experience in local politics.

He previously served as county councillor for Silverhill between 1981 and 1989 and was a Hastings Borough Councillor for 25 years serving as mayor

in 1989 and 1991.

Issues: Reducing waste including sums spent on consultants and venue hire; introduce a roundabout at the junction of Elphinstone Road and the Ridge, protecting the Pilot Field from unsuitable developments

Dave Carey-Stuart, Green

Dave is a builder and with his wife home-educate their daughter.

Issues: Unemployed people should be given the support necessary to get them into work; a new station at Glyne Gap; empty housing and work units should be refurbished or replaced as necessary and brought into use.

Kara Willard, UKIP

Kara is married with four children.

Issues: Reducing taxes, lower buinsess rates to helpe bring life back into Silverhill.


Jeremy Birch, Labour

Jeremy was born and bred in Hastings and has spent his whole adult life in community and political

activity. He leads Hastings Borough Council as well as serving as a county councillor. He is absolutely

committed to fighting for the needs of Hastings at all levels of government.

Issues: Campaign for safer and 20mph limit roads; protect the most vulnerable and fighting to keep the Isabel Blackman Centre open;

get more people involved in local decision-making, for example, at the Big Local project for North East Hastings.

Sally-Ann Hart, Conservative

Sally-Ann is married with 3 children and a qualified Lawyer. She has recently restarted work after bringing up her children.

Issues: Parking issues in Old Town and Lower Clive Vale; proper consultation on possible plans for an extension of 20 mph speeds limits; prompt repairs of potholes.

Christopher Dodwell, Liberal Democrat

Chris lives in St Leonards and runs a building renovation firm. He was previously involved in Hastings Pier and White Rock Trus and is keen to help

preserve the town’s architectural heritage and ensure new developments are creating the right environment for tourism, business, investment and quality of life.

Issues: Ensure the county council delivers a business environment that is supportive for start ups in the town; protecting the Isabel Blackman Centre from cutbacks or closure; reduce wasteful spending

Sally Phillips, Green

Sally has worked with children, the elderly, students and people who are sick. She participates in music sessions and cycles.

Issues: More teachers and ways of making teaching satisfying to make schools happy places where children enjoy learning and developing;

a tram from the Old Town to Bexhill; a better cheaper bus service

Peter Wallace, UKIP

Peter is dismayed at the state of the traffic system within both Tressell and the Old Town with about six sets of traffic lights from the Mount road area to what was the stade coach park.

Issues: Bring a coach park to Old TOwn; lower business rates to help Old Town traders.