Council welcomes victory over phone mast issue

COUNCIL planners are hailing a victory after two mobile phone companies agreed to share masts on top of a listed building.

After the Hastings Borough Council (HBC) planning department said new receivers on top of Marine Court, St Leonards, would have to be restricted, O2 and Vodafone clubbed together to submit a joint application.

Tim Cookson, head of planning at HBC said: “This is quite a victory – it is incredibly rare to have two operators willing to work together.”

Three existing antennae will be removed to be replaced by three new ones that are 40cm taller, but Mr Cookson assured Cllr Emily Westley that nobody would notice the difference either from ground level or behind the building in Mercatoria and East Ascent.

Cllr Maureen Charleswroth said: “Residents at Marine Court were getting a bit fed up with the number of masts and a some of them were worried about the noise and the possible health issues.

“Perhaps we can do this in other areas of town as well?”