Council to review top officer posts

The borough council is set to discuss whether to axe one of its three chief officer roles.

Councillors will meet on Wednesday at the Town Hall to decide the issue at a special cabinet meeting. A further review of the existing seven heads of the posts is proposed to take place in the New Year.

Simon Hubbard is the current director of regeneration, Richard Homewood is the director of environmental services and Neil Dart, the director of corporate resources. The council’s workforce has continued to shrink over the three years since the last restructure.

A report written by Verna Connolly, executive manager people and organisational development, states: “There is a consensus that the council must prioritise a smaller number of key activities in its future organisational plans.
“A new structure is proposed based on two chief officers rather than three. Essentially this would mean an executive director services and executive director operations. This further enhances the realisation of the one council principle with all support service areas brought together in one directorate and all service delivery areas brought together in the other.”

In November 2011, the cash-strapped council removed the post of chief executive. Roy Mawford, who was earning between £88,698 and £98,553 a year at the time, was made redundant. A total of 15 senior management positions were reduced to 10. This comprised of the three chief officer roles and seven heads of post. There will be interviews in January for the two chief posts if the cabinet agrees to the restructuring process.