Council sorry as road sign is wrong by some distance

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HIGHWAYS bosses have been left red-faced by a rogue road sign which states London is just 41 miles from Hastings.

The offending sign at the junction of Napier Road and Queensway states the capital is 20 miles closer than it actually is.

Queensway opened in 1986 but it is not known how long the misleading mileage has been on the A21 sign.

The County Council has admitted it mixed up the figures for Folkestone (61) and London (41) putting them on the wrong way round.

The mileage mix-up has driven ward county councillor Phil Scott mad.

He said: “With central Government only weeks away from making a decision about the Bexhill to Hastings Link Road that would see increased traffic volumes on Queensway in the future, highways engineers need to ensure that all signage is adequate and accurate.

“What they must not allow to happen is vehicles accessing Queensway quite unnecessarily believing they have somehow found a miraculous shortcut to London.”

County Council spokesman Kathryn Langley said: “London hasn’t miraculously moved 20 miles closer to Hastings - the two distances on the sign have been mixed up.

“Mistakes do happen occasionally and we’re sorry about that. We’ll be correcting the sign this week.”