Council slammed over new bin site

Linda Locke (left) and La Verne Preston with the troublesome bins
Linda Locke (left) and La Verne Preston with the troublesome bins

OUTRAGED residents have petitioned the council to remove a noisy recycling site that was dumped on their doorstep without warning.

More than 230 people signed a petition condemning the array of bins on Sea Road, St Leonards, as noisy, dangerous and ugly.

La Verne Preston, 69, of Grosvenor Gardens, who handed the petition over to borough council leader Jeremy Birch, said: “The noise is beyond belief, there’s no way these bins should be this close to residential housing.

“Recycling is essential in this day and age, but this amount of bins should be in a car park, or beside a supermarket.”

Six large bins were moved from beside the Bo Peep hotel to the spot beside Grosvenor Gardens after a new owner bought the lease to their previous resting place.

Hastings Borough Council (HBC) says the move does not require planning permission, and admits it did not consult residents before re-siting the bins. Despite referring to the move as a ‘trial’, the council is not currently considering any alternative sites.

Now, several residents living nearby have contacted the Observer to complain about the noise, broken glass, and dangerous parking generated by the bins’ new home. Linda Locke, also of Grosvenor Gardens, said she was ‘furious’ at the move: “How can they act with total disregard for residents’ wellbeing?

“The sound of smashing glass is constant, from shift workers at 4.30am through to the early hours again.”

HBC spokesman Lucy Downham said: “The recycling site will be trialled in its new location for a period of three months, after which a decision will be made as to whether this is in fact a suitable location.

“ Our waste and recycling officers have offered to meet with residents in the area to discuss concerns during the trial period; concerns risen will obviously be taken into consideration.”