Council plans for Town Hall alterations

HASTINGS Borough Council intends to submit a planning application to the Secretary of State to make several alterations to the historic Hastings Town Hall in the town centre.

The Town Hall, which was built in 1870 with a ‘mock Gothic’ design, is a listed building and the council needs to apply for Listed Building Consent from the Secretary of State.

The council wants to move the council computer server room, create a new Committee Room and improve the Community Contact Office following relocation of the Tourism Information Office.

The proposals are to provide a new committee room in place of the office on the left hand side of the main entrance.

And a new staff room and server room will replace an existing photocopying and pose room.

The council also plans to make minor alterations to the Community Contact Centre which is located at the rear of the Town Hall.

The council maintains that the alterations will not have an adverse effect on the historic and architectural integrity of the listed building.

It also states that the work will result in improvements because some of the modern alterations will be removed and replaced, where needed, with alterations which will match the original features.

The council has also removed the external clock from the north east corner of the Town Hall after being granted permission from the Secretary of State.

The clock is not an original feature of the building and was added in 1999 after members of the public requested a new town clock following the demolition of the Albert Memorial Clocktower, which was destroyed by a fire in 1973.

The council decided to remove the clock at the end of last year after it kept stopping and was becoming increasingly more expensive to repair.

The clock was experiencing ongoing problems and members of the public had complained that the clock kept telling the wrong time.

The council does intend to replace the clock in the long-term and is looking into options .

The application will be discussed by councillors at the next Planning Committee meeting which will held next Tuesday (February 25)at the Town Hall., Queen’s Square, Priory Meadow, from 6pm.