Council invites views on parking changes

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East Sussex County Council has proposed changes to parking restrictions in town following requests from residents and businesses.

The council is now inviting comments on the plans, as part of an informal consultation launched today (Friday, March 2).

The plan for improvements includes making changes to ‘No Waiting’ and ‘No Waiting At Any Time’ restrictions on the following roads: All Saints Crescent, Cornwallis Terrace, Grange Road, Hillside Road, Kenilworth Road, Middle Road, Nelson Road, Old Top Road, Parkstone Road, Pevensey Road, Robsack Avenue, Rothsay Road, Salcey Close, St Paul’s Road and Silvan Road.

New ‘No Waiting between 10am and 11am’ restrictions have been proposed at Bedgebury Close, Chanctonbury Drive, Grange Road, Hillside Road, Newlands Close and Ranmore Close, to discourage commuters from parking there all day.

Changes to Disabled Persons Parking Places and adjacent restrictions are proposed so that where previously, advisory bays meant it was not legally enforced that only disabled drivers could park in these areas, it now will be.

The only proposed change to Linton Road and The Bourne sees a shift from Business Permit Holders to Permit Holder bays, following changes to Pay and Display rules. Following requests from residents at Beaufort Road, it has been proposed to remove the Time Limited bay to better utilise existing road space.

On Bexhill Road it has been proposed the existing bus stop outside numbers 41/43 be relocated to outside numbers 31/33, as well as the introduction of a Bus Stop Clearway to improve access.

Finally, it has been proposed that a ‘Prohibition of Parking on the Footway or Verge At Any Time’ be introduced in order to prevent vehicles obstructing the footway or damaging the verge at Burton Way.

The council is inviting feedback from residents regarding what the proposals state currently, and other changes that have not already been addressed. The consultation starts on March 2 and runs until March 23.

To have a say, or to view full details of the proposed changes, including a statement of reasons for changes as well as diagrams, visit

Alternatively, email or call 01323466244 to express your views.

Letters are currently being delivered to local addresses.

Written by Alastair Choy.