Council hopes to get back on track

There's still a lot of snow on the roads
There's still a lot of snow on the roads

BOROUGH council contractors have been out treating roads and pavements in the town this week.

Bin collections have been delayed by the conditions and the authority is hoping to catch up and be back on track by tomorrow.

The Pebsham Waste site in Bexhill has been staying open longer to deal with the problem.

Kevin Boorman, spokesman for Hastings Borough Council, said: “Our contractors have continued to treat roads that are causing difficulties in the town.

“Street wardens are patrolling and reporting all highway areas where problems are still being experienced.

“This information is used in conjunction with reports from Veolia to target our resources to areas of greatest need.

“We are also helping treat ice at locations where older people are at risk, an industrial site and, from now on, roads where waste and recycling collection is not possible.

“Waste and recycling collections remain behind as not all roads are yet passable.

“Arrangements have been made to extend the opening of the Pebsham Waste Transfer Station.

“Because of the condition of some roads, not all collections are possible by the end of the next day.

“It is still the intention to catch up by Monday.”