Conservative wins Sussex police election

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Tory candidate Katy Bourne has been named the Sussex police and crime commissioner after coming out top at the polls yesterday.

The Conservative needed a second round of vote counting to beat her Labour rival Godfrey Daniel after none of the candidates managed the all-important 50 per cent share during the first count.

That meant the second choice votes of the other hopefuls were distributed to the two front runners and the Conservative ran out winner and will now take up the £85,000 a year job.

She will oversee an annual budget of around £250million and have the power to fire under-performing police chiefs.

However, just 15 per cent of people in Sussex who were eligible to vote went to the polls and the triumphant Tory is already facing question marks over her mandate after receiving around 32 per cent of the first choice votes from just 15 per cent of the population.

Critics have dismissed the election as a Conservative HQ gimmick and many people chose not to vote in protest against the overall process which has cost upwards of £100million nationwide.

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