Conquest gets second CT scanner for patients

The new scanner
The new scanner

THE Conquest Hospital has a second CT scanner which it hopes will help reduce waiting times for patients.

The three-ton machine uses state-of-the-art technology to enable staff to take detailed X-ray images inside the human body.

It was bought with a £1.25 million funding from the Department of Health.

CT, or computed tomography, combines X-rays and computers to produce detailed, cross-sectional images of internal structures of the body, helping doctors diagnose disease and assess traumatic injury.

Dr Mo Faris, the hospital’s consultant radiologist, said: “CT scanners are a kind of special rotating X-ray machine which we use to diagnose many different conditions including cancers, kidney stones, blood clots on the lungs and the damage done by traumatic accidents.

“The benefit for patients will be that the new machine uses the latest technology and enables us to take a very large number of detailed images of what is happening inside a person’s body - and it does this very quickly and safely. It will enable scanning of most of the organs in one rotation with significant less radiation for the patient.

“The new scanner is five times more powerful than the old scanner.

“This means patients won’t have to hold their breath, and hold still, for as long and will mean sicker patients, who find it very hard to stay still, will also be able to use the scanner.”