Concerns over scaffolding

Hastings and St Leonards must qualify for the award for having the most scaffolding erected at buildings particularly along the seafront.

I feel desperately sorry for the residents who live in Robertson Terrace next door to Debenhams.

They have had scaffolding outside of their windows for nearly a year and when the bill finally comes in they will do doubt be invoiced for a share of it all.

It is so unfair and why has it taken so long to do the work?

It is somewhat like the contractors working on the pier.

They have been working on the roof of one of the small domes now for several weeks. Why has is taken so long?

We really ought to have an officer in the council who has the job of monitoring contracts particularly when scaffolding is being used.

It would be his/her job to make sure all contractors get on with it instead of leaving the scaffolding up for months on end.

I realise that scaffolding is a necessary safety tool but it sure is not particularly pretty.

Roy Harris

Queens Apartments

Robertson Terrace