Concerned residents call for drivers to cut speed on Ore’s notorious ‘rat run’

CONCERNED councillors from Tressell Ward have mounted an e-petition to reduce the speed in a road notorious for being a ‘rat run’ after dozens of complaints from residents.

Cllr Peter Chowney and Cllr Jeremy Birch have launched an e-petition calling for East Sussex County Council (ESCC) to introduce a speed limit of 20mph in Frederick Road, Ore.

Cllr Tania Charman and Cllr Peter Chowney

Cllr Tania Charman and Cllr Peter Chowney

The Road, which is narrow and steep, is often used as a short cut for vehicles, including HGVs, between The Ridge and Priory which the councillors say is creating a dangerous short cut.

Cllr Peter Chowney says over a period or two or three years they have had some 50 complaints from residents about the speeding and lorries getting stuck in the road.

He said: “We always get people concerned about Frederick Road, partly because of speeding and partly because of traffic flow and the inappropriate usage by heavy vehicles.

“There is an advisory sign for lorries but it’s not enforceable.

“Of course when you get a big incident happening, often in the middle of the night, with a big HGV getting stuck and not being able to reverse out, police come out, there’s flashing lights, and then you get a lot of complaints.

“In general though, apart from that, over the years there have been several complaints about speeding traffic, speed bumps being removed, people not wanting it to be a through route, wanting a speed limit and general concerns about crossing.

“It’s quite difficult road for pedestrians to cross. They have to cross several times back and forth as the pavement gets very narrow.

Some 60 people have signed the e-petition and Cllr Chowney says that the time has come to get the signatures on paper and present it to the county council.

An East Sussex County Council spokesman told the Observer: “We have held meetings with the local residents and are aware that a petition will be presented in due course”

“The petition will be considered at the most appropriate committee or lead member meeting when the residents will be able to present their concerns.”